Forte Apartments

Project requirement

The extension of a new parking deck onto an existing podium deck, with livable space below. The joint was designed to allow for significant movement (i.e. +/- 60mm), be suitable for vehicular traffic, safe for pedestrian traffic (no trip hazards), be watertight and offer thermal and acoustic insulation.


The installation of Emseal SJS into the horizontal carpark deck joint and Emseal Seismic Colorseal to the vertical street side joint required 2 x factory pre-formed 90 degree transitions (1 for the vertical wall to deck transition and 1 for the horizontal to vertical deck to wall at street level transition). The cover plate to be sourced locally.

The simplicity of the Emseal SJS & Seismic Colorseal solutions enabled installation to be completed in 2 days and to meet and exceed all of the design requirements.


Project details: Forte Apartments

Applicator: Waterproofing Plus/Surface Works
Builder: McKee Fehl Consruction
Architect: Warren & Mahoney
Completed: July 2012


Project Size: Approximately 20lm