Leader Bridge Repair

Project requirement

The removal and replacement of the existing mechanically fixed metal plate system with a more permanent and safer watertight system less likely to vibrate loose as a result of continuous thermal, mechanical and seismic movement.
The existing system was more difficult to install and suffered recurring problems with mechanical fixings which required continuing tightening or repair.
The challenge was to complete the installation as quickly as possible, to minimize traffic hold ups while providing a watertight, high volume heavy trafficable joint seal capable of withstanding tremendous wear and tear on a main trunk route.


Emseal BEJS provides a longer term solution for bridge joints than some of those traditionally used. The capability of Emseal BEJS to accommodate movement of +/-50% (100% in total) of nominal joint size enables cycling through most SLS seismic events.

While watertightness was not the major concern the ability of the Emseal BEJS system to provide a completely watertight seal effectively solved the problem of steel and concrete degradation as a result of water leakage.

The installation of Emseal BEJS into a single horizontal bridge joint took less than 2 hours and allowed a single lane of traffic to continue to flow while underway.

The simplicity of the Emseal BEJS solution enabled installation to be completed extremely quickly, cost effectively and allowed us to meet and exceed all of the design requirements.


Project details: Case Study Leader Bridge BEJS

Project Size: 13LM x 75mm wide
Applicator: Allco Waterproofing Solutions Ltd
Builder: Downer
Architect: Opus International Ltd
Completed: July 2010