Johns Manville TPO


Johns Manville is widely recognised as one of the world’s foremost suppliers of single ply roofing membrane, Allco has selected the JM TPO for our Cold Roof solution due to its superior UV and Ozone resistance and its impressive environmental credentials. It is a lightweight and cost effective solution that lends itself to most flat roof applications including commercial and residential projects. With warranties from 15-25 years make, your next roof a JM cool roof.

  • Wide & Long Rolls .JM comes in 3m x 30m rolls
  • Highest Thickness-Over-Scrim in the Roofing Industry.  TPO attribute for top performance
  • Exceptional Ozone Resistance. JM building scientists worked with our polymer chemists to understand and apply breakthroughs in chemistry that have allowed us to utilize the industry’s best UV formulation. The JM TPO formulation was developed to maximize resistance to ozone degradation
  • Seam Strength 50% Higher Over a Wider Temperature Range. 
  • Highly Engineered for Tear Strength and Uplift Resistance. JM TPO is strong and flexible, helped by the scrim orientation and thickness of our polyester reinforcement.
  • Thickness Tolerances Have Over 50% Less Deviation than Other Major Brands. JM measured 10' wide sheets from other brands at 105 data points across the width of the membranes. 
  • Highly Engineered for Tear Strength and Uplift Resistance. JM TPO is strong and flexible, helped by the scrim orientation and thickness of our polyester reinforcement. 
  • Outstanding Climate Resistance as Measured by the Xenon Weatherometer. The ASTM test minimum standard is simulated exposure at 10,080 kJ/m2 . JM has maintained performance now to 19,800 kJ/m2 and continues to accumulate exposure well past the ASTM requirements. 
  • durability
  • externalMoisture


Allco supply the JM TPO Cool Roof Solution for use within the following

Scope:Designed, specified and installed in accordance with all Allco documentation.


In wind zones:

• Up to and including Extra High as defined by NZS-3604:2011.

• Where specifically designed up to (ULS) 3.0kPa.

In all climate zones as defined by NZS-3604:2011.


On new buildings that have been designed and constructed to comply with the NZ Building Code (NZBC), particularly B1 (structure) as it relates to the construction of the substrate and substrate framing and E2.3.1 (surface water run off) as it relates to the shedding of water. On existing buildings where the designer and applicator have ascertained that the existing building is suitable for the intended building work.

On the following substrates that incorporate a slope between 1.150 (1:50) 2.30 - 1.150 (1:25), or gutters at with a 0.5° (1:100) fall:

• H3.2, CCA treated structural plywood

• In situ reinforced concrete

• Pre-fabricated concrete panels

In conjunction with a drainage system, providing the rainwater flows to

An outlet that complies with the NZBC

B1 Structure (complies with)


B1.3.3 (a), (b), (c), (e),

(f), (g), (h), (I), (m), (o),

(p) & (q)

B1.3.4 (b), (c), (d), (e)

B2 Durability (complies with)

B2.3.1 (b), 15 years

E2 External Moisture (contributes to)



E2.3.7 (b) & (c)

F2 Hazardous

Building Materials (complies with)


The JM TPO Cool Roof Solution is a system that must be designed and

installed specific to the building project. The design of the system requires

the selection of all components applicable to the project.