Bridge Expansion Joint BEJS installing BEJS on a reel 360x360
Bridge expansion joint on a reel BOR failed cault retrofit EMSEAL 360x360
Bridge expansion joint on a reel BOR from EMSEAL 360x360

BEJS-ON-A-REEL is a cost-effective version of EMSEAL’s industry-standard BEJS (Bridge Expansion Joint System) product shipped on a reel for rapid installation into small joints — 12 – 30mm. It is supplied precompressed smaller than the joint gap. BEJS-ON-A-REEL is bridge seal designed to replace traditional liquid sealant/backer rod combinations which rely on the difficult to achieve “hour glass” shape. In addition, BEJS-ON-A-REEL can be installed at temperatures other than mean temperature and will function properly fully throughout the thermal cycle. It can also be used in place of backer rod in asphaltic plug configurations to provide a secondary watertight sea


  • Pre-cured silicone primary seal
  • Cost effective
  • Shipped on 3.6m reels
  • Easy to stock
  • Smooth convex surface
  • Rapid installation—new or retrofit
  • Watertight
  • Conforms to substrate irregularities
  • Easily handles changes in plane and direction
  • Traffic durable
  • Easy to repair
  • 100% free of wax compounds


Total 100% (+50% and -50%) of nominal supplied size.




BEJS-On-A-Reel - Install Data


BEJS-On-A-Reel - Safety Data Sheet