1bridge expansion joint transitions Universal 90 from EMSEAL 360x360
BEJS Lowering U90 into place over previous U90 EMSEAL 360x360
BEJS Universal 90 applying joining silicone 360x360
Bridge expansion joint adjustingUniversal 90s from EMSEAL 360x360
Watertight bridge expansion joints in roadway curb and sidewalk BEJS Emseal RI 360x360

The quick and easy way to step up and down at curbs and parapet walls.

As in all EMSEAL expansion joint systems, continuity of seal through changes in plane and direction is an essential performance differentiator. Emseal is the first company to warrant curb and parapet wall/corner transitions to be watertight when sealed with our factory fabricated assemblies.

These single-piece 90-degree units have a 300mm long leg and a 150mm vertical piece on each end of the elbow.   The Universal-90’s are symmetrically coated on both sides.  This allows them to be installed as an upturn or as a downturn. EMSEAL’s “Universal-90’s” more reliably ensure continuity of seal and allow for much faster installation by eliminating field cutting or notching and bending at angles.

  • Watertight — Like the BEJS System Universal 90’s and custom 90’s from EMSEAL are watertight and so protect rockers, bearings and the underlying bridge support piers and beams.
  • Non-Invasive Anchoring — There are no hard metal-to-substrate connections with Universal-90 transitions or terminations. This includes embedded pins, anchors, screws, bolts or tracks, trays or rails, flanges or coverplates. The system is locked to the joint faces by means of the backpressure of the foam, epoxy in some cases, and the injected sealant bands at the joint face.
  • Versatility — Universal-90’s are coated on both sides (regardless of the single or dual coating nature of the EMSEAL impregnated-foam product with which they are joined). This allows them to be sealed to any side of water contact when turned in any 90-degree position. All Universal-90 pieces can function as an inside or outside corner.
  • Joint-Size Variation —Uniform bellows appearance, and the ability to handle variations in joint size through size-switching makes the Universal-90’s aesthetically and functionally versatile.

Universal-90 Transitions are cut at 90-degrees with both ends open for a butt-connection to another stick or another Universal-90. Either leg can be trimmed in the field to connect to straight run material or to another Universal-90 when going, for example, up and over a curb, into a parapet, or up and down treads and risers.

Universal-90 Terminations end, on the 6-inch leg, in a 45o sealed and mitered end.  This allows termination as a stand alone upturn or provides a surface against to which a wall joint system can be married.  Flipped over, the Universal-90 termination unit can be alternatively installed as a downturn termination where a joint runs off the deck.  In this use, the sealed, mitered end provides a drip edge for drainage of water off the joint.


  • 40mm – 100mm 


  • +50% and -50%
    (Total 100%) of nominal material size.