Emseal DSM System

DSM System

The DSM System from Emseal is a Watertight Joint System for Decks and Below-Grade Walls.

Ideal for new construction or retrofit of old or failed joint systems in concrete or in embedded metal angles where demolition and removal of the metal angles is not feasible or affordable and for a lasting seismic joint in precast parking decks and stadiums or where pedestrian or vehicular traffic is expected.


  • Watertight
  • Tensionless silicone bellows
  • Traffic durable
  • Rapid installation - new or retrofit
  • Non-invasive anchoring
  • Staged installation preserves traffic flow
  • Joint-face adhered
  • 100% free of wax compounds 


  • Parking decks/car parks
  • Stadiums
  • Sidewalks
  • Decks
  • Airport aprons
  • Shopping centre bridge connectors
  • Ice-floors
  • Positive-side, below-grade foundation/tunnel wall joints
  • Stair towers
  • Runways
  • Arenas
  • Perimeter joints
  • Roadways
  • For concrete substrates 
  • For metal substrates where demolition and removal of existing embedded metal angles is not feasible or affordable.
  • Lasting replacement of tee-to-tee caulk joints in precast-concrete parking decks and stadiums.

Standard Sizes: 12 - 100mm
Note: Sizes under 40mm are manufactured with a single bellows. Larger sizes incorporate multiple bellows. (Above 100mm, see SJS SYSTEM or contact Allco)
Movement Capability: Up to 55% Total (+30%/-25% of nominal supplied size)
Colour: Emseal's standard colour is grey (for other colours contact Allco)


  • DSM is produced by infusing a cellular foam base material with EMSEAL’s microsphere-modified acrylic impregnation and is coated with a highway-grade silicone. DSM-DS (Double Sided) is also available which is built with the silicone coating on the top and bottom surface (contact Allco to discuss this product further).
  • The silicone external facing is factory applied to the foam at a width greater than maximum joint extension and is cured before final compression.
  • Silicone application and curing takes place in a factory-controlled environment. In contrast to field applied liquid sealant and backer rod installations, no movement takes place during curing that can cause deformation or stresses in the material.
  • When compressed, a bellow is created in the coating. As joint movement occurs the bellows simply folds and unfolds free of tension on the bond line, and virtually free of tensile stresses in the silicone material.
  • The foam provides a resilient backing to the silicone coating, making the system capable of resisting reasonable transient point loads.
  • DSM SYSTEM is supplied in 2mtr shrink-wrapped lengths (sticks). It is pre-compressed to less than the joint size for easy insertion. After removal from the shrink-wrap and hard board restraining packaging, it expands gradually.

Performance Limitations

  • Capable, as a dual seal, of movements of +30%/-25% (55% total) of nominal material size.
  • Substrates must be parallel, plumb and capable of resisting approx. 2.5 psi backpressure from the foam.
  • Fuel Resistance: Silicone sealant is not degraded by contact with fuel. Some swelling of the material will normally occur, but it will return to its original shape upon evaporation of the fuel. 

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