Emshield DFR-FP

EMSEAL Deck to Wall SplitSlab Fire Rated ExpansionJoint DFR FP 350 21041203a
xEMSHIELD DFR2 FP ExpansionJoint Fire Rated SplitSlab 350

Emseal Emshield DFR-FP is a single unit fire-rated trafficable joint system for plaza decks & split slabs designed to straddle joint gaps up to 100mm. DFR-FP expands the use of Emshield DFR to waterproofed split-slab deck designs through the use of side flashing sheets that integrate with the deck waterproofing membrane. Emshield DFR-FP has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to the rigors of UL and ULC 2079.

UL and ULC-certified 2-hour fire-rated watertight expansion joint for use in a split-slab construction deck or floor with a 2-hour (or lower) fire rating. Fire-retardant-impregnated foam is factory pre-coated on the upper and lower sides with a traffic-grade silicone coating. The resulting composite is then factory compressed to less than its nominal size for installation into structural or other openings.

  • Watertight — EMSHIELD DFR-FP is installed with the tensionless traffic-grade, fuel-resistant bellows ensuring that watertightness is achieved. Installation is made between steel side-legs which are attached to side flashing sheets that integrate with the split-slab deck membrane to complete a continuous seal across the expansion gap into the deck or from the deck to wall.
  • Fire-Rated — The fire-retardant-impregnated silicone-coated foam ensures a 2-hour fire protection in accordance with UL-2079.
  • Joint-Size Variation — Uniform bellows appearance, and the ability to handle variations in joint size through size-switching.
  • Sound Attenuation — Floors sealed with EMSEAL impregnated foam sealants offer exceptional acoustic dampening and feature sound transmission coefficients virtually equal to that of the solid slab.
  • Extreme Conditions — SJS Seismic Joint System is designed to handle the vast majority of heavy traffic and load applications. For high-torque, extremely heavy load applications in traffic decks see SJS-HD and contact EMSEAL.
  • Factory-Fabricated Terminations and Transitions — as in all EMSEAL expansion joint systems, continuity of seal through changes in plane and direction is an essential performance differentiator.


  • For Fire-Rated Split-Slab Floors and Decks
  • Warranted for watertightness
  • Built-in UL/ULC-certified fire-rating
  • Exceptional durability under pedestrian traffic & extreme weather conditions
  • Stainless steel flashing sheet capping strips
  • Side flashing sheets are heat-weldable thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  • Factory fabricated changes in plane and direction
  • Steel side legs available in many heights
  • Installed entirely from the deck or floor above - No utility lifts or holding labor required
  • Eliminates the need for fire blankets and gutters
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM E1966, ASTM E119 and ASTM E1399


  • Fire-rated plaza decks
  • Fire-rated podium decks
  • Fire-rated stadium concourses
  • Fire-rated split-slab trafficable Locations
  • Fire-rated parking decks
  • Deck-to-Deck
  • Deck-to-Wall

Standard Size: Joint Gaps of 12 - 100mm
Product Depth: 125mm deep
Movement Capability: Up to 100% Total (+/-50% of nominal supplied size.)
Colour: Emseal Grey foam with stainless steel capping strips


Novotel Hotel, Christchurch

A weather tight, thermally and acoustically insulated, joint system capable of cycling through the engineered movement requirement and colour matched to the finished facade on three joints with a fire rating requirement on one. The movement requirements were both laterally and in shear.

Forte Apartments

The extension of a new parking deck onto an existing podium deck, with livable space below. The joint was designed to allow for significant movement (i.e. +/- 60mm), be suitable for vehicular traffic, safe for pedestrian traffic (no trip hazards), be watertight and offer thermal and acoustic insulation.




EMSHIELD DFR-FP - Install Data


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