Emseal SJS-FP

375 SJS FP Sample

The SJS-FP from Emseal is designed to provide a watertight, trafficable joint system which spans a construction joint of between 100mm - 450mm, in decks of split-slab design. SJS-FP expands the use of the SJS System to waterproofed split-slab deck designs through the use of side flashing sheets that integrate with the deck waterproofing membrane.

  • Watertight – The tensionless silicone bellows are installed flush to the mounting height of the system and just below the coverplate ensuring watertightness at the traffic surface. This eliminates the need for moisture barriers and secondary gutter systems.
  • Sound Attenuation – The flanking impregnated foam and silicone hybrid, dampens sound and shock effectively. When installed over Emcrete material, the result is arguably the quietest watertight coverplate system available.
  • Self-Locating Coverplate Screws – The center spline is a continuous receptor for the coverplate screws that are self-tapped into the anchor channel. This dramatically reduces the installation-related problems of locating self-centering, sliding ball devices and pantographs. The probability of screws being left out is eliminated ensuring proper anchoring.
  • Self-Locking, Vibration-Dampened Screws – Vibration in systems that rely on metal-to-metal connections and contact points is the main cause of screw loosening. SJS-FP by EMSEAL minimizes vibration through the dampening action of the massive and continuous springs of impregnated foam along the entire length of the joint. In addition, 30 pounds of force is required to loosen the screws offering excellent screw tightness without the need for thread-lock compounds.
  • Field-Adjustable Plate Support – Concrete in new and retrofit applications is inevitably uneven across and along the joint. SJS-FP is installed over a leveling-bed of Emcrete material providing the ability to fine-tune the support of coverplate sections reducing rocking and noise caused by unleveled plates. Systems that attach or utilize intrusive extruded rails to receive sliding ball and socket devices cannot be adjusted to eliminate unevenness across and down the length of the joint.
  • Continuity of Seal – All EMSEAL expansion joint systems feature continuity of seal through changes in plane and direction – an essential performance differentiation. Fabricated transitions from deck to wall, at curbs, sidewalks, parapets, tees and crosses are available with SJS.

Joint Sizes: Because SJS-FP installs into its own legs, the legs can straddle mean-temperature, structural slab joint sizes from: 25mm up to 610mm. The minimum gap between the SJS-FP legs is 100mm (for special conditions consult Allco).
Movement Capability: 100% (+/-50%) of nominal material size.
Leg Heights: 100mm (4") to 300mm (12")

Depth of Seal (Foam Depth)

  • 100mm to 200mm wide = 100mm deep
  • 225mm to 450mm wide = 125mm deep


  • Standard coverplate is 10mm shot-blasted aluminum or Type 304 stainless steel. Other custom metals are possible - consult Allco.
  • Coverplate thicknesses can be customized to suit load and traffic expectations - Consult Allco.

Fire Rating

  • SJS-FP-FR1 & SJS-FP-FR2 are designed for use in fire-rated applications. They have all the performance advantages of SJS with the addition of built in, UL-Certified, 1 or 2 hour fire rating respectively. 

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