Colorseal on a Reel

Control Joint Sealant COLORSEAL ON A REEL
EMSEAL COR Montage 310

COLORSEAL-ON-A-REEL is a cost-effective version of EMSEAL’s industry-standard SEISMIC COLORSEAL product; shipped on a reel for rapid installation into small joints (12 - 30mm).

Reel-packaging, in contrast to ‘stick’ packaging: reduces waste, lowers production costs, makes handling easier, and installs rapidly.

COLORSEAL-ON-A-REEL is half the price of similarly sized ‘stick’ COLORSEAL. Its installed-cost makes COLORSEAL-ON-A-REEL  a cost-effective alternate to 'caulk and backer rod'.

COLORSEAL-ON-A-REEL is a tensionless solution to small joint sealing.

COLORSEAL-ON-A-REEL replaces traditional liquid sealant and backer rod in the typical “caulk and backer rod” configuration that relies for performance on the difficult-to-achieve 'hour-glass' shape.


  • Tensionless, pre-cured silicone primary seal
  • Cost effective
  • Shipped on 3mtr (10') reels
  • Smooth convex surface
  • Rapid installation--new or retrofit
  • No priming, masking, mixing, tooling or backer rod placing
  • Watertight
  • Airtight
  • Insulates
  • Sound attenuating
  • Resists hurricane force wind & water
  • Aesthetically and practically versatile
  • Easily handles changes in plane and direction
  • Conforms to substrate irregularities
  • Easily handles curved joints
  • 100% free of wax compounds


  • Alternative to caulk and backer rod in smaller control joints and building component joints in:
  • Tilt-up walls
  • Precast concrete
  • CMU
  • Curtainwall
  • Masonry
  • Metal Panel
  • Natural Stone
  • Window perimeters
  • Shelf angles
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Residential garage to driveway thresholds
  • Pool copings, etc.

Standard Sizes: 12, 20, 25, 30mm (depth of seal 45mm, or 50mm for 30mm wide))
Movement Capability: Total 80% (+30%/-50%) of nominal supplied size.
Colours: 26 standard Emseal colours (custom colours are available, contact Allco to discuss further)

R-value-An R-value of approximately 45 per mm (1.8 per inch) of depth imparts thermal insulation at joint-gaps where thermal loss is often significant

Performance Limitations - Substrates must be clean, parallel, plumb and capable of resisting approx. 2.5 psi backpressure from the foam.


Colorseal-On-A-Reel - Tech Data


Colorseal-On-A-Reel - Install Data


Colorseal-On-A-Reel - Safety Data Sheet


Colorseal-On-A-Reel - Safety Data Sheet


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