Seismic Colorseal

Seismic Colorseal

Emseal SEISMIC COLORSEAL provides water-tightness, thermal insulation, 100% movement capability, UV stability, and colour coordination with substrates. It performs these multiple functions while incorporating no metals or invasive anchoring.

In contrast to liquid-applied sealants, SEISMIC COLORSEAL is free of tensile stresses at the bond line and virtually free of tensile stresses in its low-modulus silicone facing. It is capable of movements up to ±50% (total 100%) of mean temperature joint size and provides a cost-effective, long-term, watertight seal.


  • For all joints from 12mm to 250mm
  • Facades
  • Inside Corners and Additions 
  • Transitions from Wall to Deck Joints 
  • Masonry Cavity Walls
  • Varying Joint Sizes

Emseal SEISMIC COLORSEAL combines factory-applied, low-modulus silicone, with an open-cell polyurethane foam infused with a water-based, non-drying acrylic dispersion.

The silicone external colour facing is factory applied while the foam is partially precompressed to a width greater than maximum anticipated joint extension and is cured before final compression. When fully compressed, a bellows is created in the coating. The bellows folds and unfolds during movement virtually free of tensile stresses.

Supplied precompressed to slightly less than its nominal size for ease of installation, it is packaged in shrinkwrapped lengths (sticks) with a mounting adhesive on one side. The shrink-wrap and hardboard packaging are removed, as is the release liner covering the mounting adhesive. The product is inserted into the joint, adhered to one joint face. It then expands to seal the joint.

Sealing against the substrate is achieved through a combination of the pressure-sensitive adhesive acrylic in the foam, the back-pressure of the expanding foam and the field installation of a corner bead of silicone at the substrate-to-bellows interface.

Forte Apartments

The extension of a new parking deck onto an existing podium deck, with livable space below. The joint was designed to allow for significant movement (i.e. +/- 60mm), be suitable for vehicular traffic, safe for pedestrian traffic (no trip hazards), be watertight and offer thermal and acoustic insulation.


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